Questions on sharing lessons in a collection started by another member

this collection of Stories by Artur de Azevedo (Artur de Azevedo - Contos - LingQ Language Library) is partial and I’d like to upload and share the remaining stories from Librivox.
Since I have editing rights for Portuguese, I could edit the collection and add the missing lessons, which would be the most practical solutions for readers. However, I wonder who would get the Shared lessons award points for those lessons, whether me or the member who created the collection and shared the first lessons (he’s been inactive for long time now).
In the past, I did add a couple of missing lessons from the existing collections of “Les Misérables” in French, and I’m not sure I was considered as uploader.
Thanks for any explanations,

It looks like nobody noticed this thread. Any answers, please? :slight_smile:

Good question. If the learner is inactive it is in the interest of the library that you add the remaining stories, and of course should receive the points. I principle we should respect the first person to add content, but if the person has stopped adding to this collection, we are really talking about a new series, in a way. Since these are individual stories, why not add them as a new collection and just call it Part 2. Any other ideas?

Thanks for the answer, Steve. The thing is these Contos are regrouped into three volumes and the original uploader hasn’t even completed the first one (see LibriVox). It’s true that they are individual stories, but I thought it would be more practical to have them in the same collection. Anyway, I’m open to suggestions.

You cannot add them to the existing collection as far as I know. Just create a new collection and mention there that the first few stories are located in another collection.

Yes, I can. As I said, I already did it with Les Misérables (for a few missing chapters).

Any other ideas on this issue?

Michele, why don’t you upload a separate collection, marking it as “The Completes Series”. Sure, they’ll be a few duplicates, but since your main concern is with Shared Lesson Awards Points, then the solution is to upload your own complete collection.

I agree with Yvette. You should try to contact the first provider but if you get no answer just load up a new collection.

Thanks, Yvette and Steve. The uploader has not used LingQ for more than a year and the collection was created in February 2010, so I doubt he will care…

go for it and thanks.