Questions about lingq

Hey Everyone, I am a new member here at lingq but I am already diving into the site and enjoying very much. I had a few questions that maybe some of you members who have been here longer could answer for me. I already have been through some of the faq’s so i thought i would ask you guys. I love the fact that you can sign up and be a tutor. I did so myself and I’m really excited to tutor someone in the English language. I see that you get points for that to which is a bonus :p. So i was wondering when it says you accumulate 10,000 points you can trade it in for cash. Do you get that money sent to you via paypal or how does that work? Also i was wondering how do your earn your points through tutoring since its through skype? is there a way for it to know I completed a tutor session? These are some of my question right now and I’m sure i might have a few more but it would be great if someone could help me. I also hope to meet more of you and get to know more people in the community.

I think it’s by Paypal that you get the money.

Once you send a conversation report it’ll give you the points.

I hope that helps.

Welcome to LingQ! We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy your time on the site.

Below I’ve answered your questions:

Once you accumulate 10,000 points you can then send us an email at support (at) along with your PayPal username. We will then transfer the funds to your PayPal account.

Keep in mind that points have a 90-day expiration date, so if you don’t use them within 90 days of receiving them then they will expire. These expired points are then distributed to our content providers as a bit of a bonus for providing content on the site.

In order to sign up for a conversation, a student must pay in points. The points are then held temporarily by LingQ and given to the tutor when they complete the Conversation Report that is required for each conversation.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.