Questions about importing videos from Youtube

First of all I must say that I do not like the idea of displaying the window with the YouTube video that we imported as a lesson, since it seems distracting to me. Is there a way to hide it and only listen to the audio as in the last version?

On the other hand, how am I supposed to change the status of this word if the window with the video is in my way? I can’t close the window because when I play the video again it restarts from the beginning.
I have also noticed that when I use the full screen mode, the window with the video hinders me both to read the text and to change the status of a word.
Could you please help me and tell me if there is any way to solve this? I would like to only listen to the audio of the imported videos as in the previous version. Thank you.

Hi Ludirou,

We are working on improving the placement of the video inside the lesson.

You can listen to the audio without the video. It will take a few minutes after importing for the audio to be uploaded to our server - once it’s done, you will see the play button in the bottom left.


It has been more than an hour and I cannot see the play button.

I can see the play button on my cellphone, but it only plays the automatic TTS version, not the actual audio of the video

I see - it seems we still have some instances where the extension isn’t capturing audio. We will fix this very soon.



I can confirm that. I imported six videos yesterday. Five have audio and one is just the video.