[question/bug] review feature of app and page act differently

I’ve been using lingq for a few months and i found that i prefer how the andriod app handles SRS review more than the webpage but i think both are broken in different ways. how they handle them is the following. when you “redo” the srs review, the app will pull in words that weren’t “learned” during the previous review and allow you to work on them several times while replacing “learned” words with new SRS due words. this can be helpful with brand new words but can allow for progression before proper learning. I think this should be bring in review words that didn’t progress but remove from the review list if they made it to the next level and pull in the next “ready to review” words. as things stand now its easy for a user to review a word newly minted and use his short term memory to get it to progress to 5 where it wont be reviewed again and itll quickly be forgotten. also it seems the app will pull from the top of the list rather than at random or semirandom. current state is presently better than the webpage but could be better. as for the webpage it has the opposite problem, it’ll bring in a new and random set of words from the ready to review list when you “try again”. so you can’t focus on the more annoying words that you just cant seem to get on a single go. i’m not sure what the selection criteria is for the SRS reviews either. maybe its entirely random or maybe its semi random, pulling in a percentage of each familiarity group, idk. im curious about that if anyone knows.