i would like to know what writer for totur ? i should writer the text that i rider o speling the lingG words?

Hi! My name is Jillisa and I am an English tutor. If I am not mistaken the question you are asking is: What should I write for my tutor to correct? What you write for a writing submission is completely up to you, unless your tutor has given you a specific topic as outlined in a course. Otherwise, you can write about a particular text you have read, like explaining the text’s meaning, or just whatever other topic interests you. Writing is a great way to practice expressing your thoughts and feelings in the language you are learning, and to get feedback on how to improve. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

thanks jillisa

Hi Mar,

One thing I would recommend is submitting your forum posts for correction. This is real, meaningful communication.

thanks mark i will