Question to iPod Touch users. Does anybody have trouble with flashcarding?

I used to review words in Lings of the Day using LingQ flashcard with my iPod Touch.
It was very convenient because I did not have to sit in front of my PC and could use any small spare times available.

Now I cannot do it anymore.
When I click the link in the LingQs of the Day email, the usual flashcard page in Safari does not appear.
Instead, LingQ’s welcome page appears.

Does this occur only to me? Does anyone have a similar problem?

Hi Akiko,

Because the flashcards now appear in a new window, you have to stop blocking popups in Safari on your iPod. Once you do so, you will see the flashcards. You may be asked to accept a popup which you should do. You will also be able to see the Other Dictionaries such as Google Translate which open in popup windows as well.


I didn’t even know there is a popup block function in iPod’s Safari.
It was only in the world of desk or lap top computers!

I’m sooooo glad that I don’t have to lose my good habit of doing flashcard every day!

Thanks, Mark!!

I am an iPod touch user too. I have downloaded and installed the LingQ app, but whenever I write my username and password and click on “Login”, I get a message saying “Login failed”. Any idea of why this happens?

Hi mikebond,

For some reason, the app won’t let you log in if the interface language of your ipod is not English. If you change the language of your ipod to English in your Settings and then log in it will work. You can switch back to your native language on your device after you have logged in because the app keeps you logged in after that.

Oh, thanks a lot, Mark! I have just noticed your answer, I wish I had read it before! :slight_smile:

I have been trying to open the app from this morning on, but whenever I insert my username and password, the app keeps closing automatically. I have set English as language of my iPod touch, so that is not the problem. I have thought of compatibility problems with the OS4, but I think I had already updated the driver when I first managed to have the app working. I have also tried to delete and reinstall the app, in vain… Any suggestions?

Same here. With OS4.

It does sound like the app may not be compatible with OS4. We will check into it.

WOW, I’ve been really busy lately and I dind’t check the forums on LingQ but I was wandering if you would make an Iphone app. Also looking for it in the past and never found it…now it’s out! I really thank you for this new tool and I’m going to download it now :slight_smile:

I downloaded the app and set English but I have the same problems as mikebond. It keeps closing after I insert my username and password. I didn’t upload to OS4 yet as I have a Iphone 3G and it seems causing problems to the device. So…did you find what could be the problems with the app? Hope you can resolve it :slight_smile:

@chiaguglie - Have you tried changing your device language to English and logging in? That may resolve the problem. We are looking into this. In addition, we have just launched a new iPhone app with many more features. It was added to the App Store last night so it’s brand new! You will find it here, ‎LingQ | Learn 42 Languages on the App Store. I would hope that the login will work better, however, you will need to be a Basic, Plus or Premium member to use it. If you do try this app, please let me know if it works for you so we have a better idea of what may be causing these login issues.

Mark, the new app is simply great! I have just installed it and could log in without changing my iPod language to English! Moreover, I am very happy I’ll be able to listen to my lessons on my iPod, which I couldn’t do before since the audio file doesn’t play in the iPod browser!
I think this app is a great motivation to become a paying member of LingQ!

What a great app!! I’m also happy to use it with iPhone language “Japanese” (not changing “English”). Besides,this has my lessons with audio!!
I’m a beginner of LingQ, and the all system of it amaze me!
I can study English with LingQ everywhere! Thank you sooooo much, Mark!

@sshizu, mikebond - I’m glad you like the new app. I agree it’s great! It does a lot more than the flashcard app which is still a great app but the new one is that much better. Everything also works offline except the audio which is a great thing for you ipod touch and iPad wifi users.

Regarding the flashcard app, we have figured out the login problem and are working to resolve it.

I found the new app (I haven’t update to OS4 yet) and it does work perfectly! Thanks :slight_smile: I’m a paying member already and I’m even more happy to be it:-)
It’s great I can also listen to the audio without working with Itunes to import it…really great! Thanks!!! I’m a lot on the road so this really change my study :slight_smile:
Mine app too works without changing the IPhone language to English (by the way, with the former app I had changed the language but It didn’t log in).

Mark, I am afraid I have found the first problem with the new app: I have tried to listen to my English and Spanish lessons, but as soon as they open up, I get the error message “Lesson has no audio”. I have tried with more than one lesson. Weirdly enough, this problem doesn’t occur with French, German and Portuguese, at least not with the lessons I have read and listened to so far.
Any idea on what’s wrong?

Mike, this happens when the sound file is not on our server but comes from an external link. Mark is going to see if there anything we can do about it.

I see, Steve. Thanks for the explanation. I hope Mark can do something.

I see, Steve. Thanks for the explanation. I hope Mark can do something.