Question regarding the chrome extension for importing texts

I use the chrome extension to import subtitles from a YouTube video and it works fine for short videos.
But for long videos that need to be split into several parts, the extension almost exclusively imports the first part, sometimes the second part is imported without me doing anything special but this is very rare.
Is there a simple way to get the following parts that I don’t know?

In some cases it just takes more time for additional parts to appear. But they should all be imported.

Ever thought about making it possible to import YouTube videos without importing the audio? I import from YT but never listen to the audio.

No, we haven’t really thought about it so far, nobody ever asked for it! :slight_smile:
Not sure what can be done there, but I don’t think anything will change, at least not in the near future.

It doesn’t make a difference to me if it imports the audio, but maybe some resources can be saved by allowing people to turn it off.

I use Chrome and I have the extension Language Reactor. When looking at a Youtube video, I have the subtitles turned on and I see the whole text of the video on the right part of the screen. There is an export symbol on top of it, which allows you to get the text. Then you can copy the text and import it as a lesson to LINGQ.


Thank you very much @benscheelings, I didn’t know that !

Thanks, @zoran. The main problem was that I didn’t know where my imported lessons were, now I know where they are. It seems to me that it would be much better to make it more visible by adding all the videos on the homepage (and not only the first part) for example.

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