Question on Difference between Chinese Words: 以前和之前

”以前“ 跟 “之前” 有什么区别?
What is the difference between ”以前“ and ” “之前?", don’t they both mean “Before”.
Thank you friends!

Looks like they are pretty much the same with 以前 used more in conversation and probably 之前 in (formal?) writing. You can see this Youtube video for more explanation as well as 以往 The synonyms 之前/以前/以往 (video 49) - YouTube


They are very close synonyms, but 以前 is oftener used than 之前.
you can say 很久很久以前.
but it’s a little weird to say 很久很久之前.

the difference between them is so marginal that you need not care.
Everybody can understand you.

Yeah, I was confused when I saw 之前 here on LingQ because I’ve been studying mandarin for a while now and I’ve only ever seen 以前 almost never 之前. Thanks for the help, man!