Question on Chinese Phrase Translations 汉语的问题。

电报大楼是什么意思?”干什么事呢?“ 跟 “你正在做什么?” 有什么区别?

What does 电报大楼 mean? Any pictures are appreciated. What is the difference between ”干什么事呢?“ and ” “你正在做什么?", don’t they both mean “What are you doing?”.

Thank you friends!

电报大楼 is a building where one goes to send telegraphs. It is like a general postal office that occupies a whole building with a section dedicated to telegraphing. Usually there is only one in a city or a county. It is not very tall, but is rather wide with left and right wings. The bigger the city, the grander the telegraph building. You can imagine it like a central railway station in America. When one wanted to send a telegraph, one had to cross town to find this place to do it. It is a thing of the past.

There is not much difference between the two questions. “你正在做什么?" refers to “right at this moment”; whereas “干什么事呢?” is more like “What have you been doing?”. “干什么事呢?” is not very natural. Most people would say “干啥呢?” instead.