Question is: Does this way of listening to content work ?!

Hi everybody and good day to you.

I am your host today ( I mean in this topic :slight_smile: ), I do listening the following way:

I read till I understand the whole written sentences, and also why they were structured like this, and then I listen to the content while reading along for three times, then move on to the next topic and it goes on.

Would I see good results in my listening comprehension doing it this way?

I find it stressful and dull listening and then testing etc.

Thank you.

I think thats a pretty good method if you are in the beginning stages of learning (the first few months). I tend to just read, look up some words so I understand generally what the text is saying, then I listen and read a few times and move on. But I dont stress about why the structure is how it is or anything.

I just carry on doing this until I can access native content like books, TV etc :slight_smile:

Do always in the way which is better for you!
There is no one best method in language study - there are a lot of different methods depending on your habits and your abilities.
Remember only one rule: if you would like to learn some language, you have to learn (listen, read) this language at least 3-4 times a week.

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I read the text then let the narrator read it for me. I sometimes follow the text while listening to it but sometimes I just listen and try to hear the words and understand the context. Reading or listening a text three or four times bores me. I read and listen to the same text once or twice. If I understand it, move on but if I donโ€™t understand it, try it again. If I donโ€™t understand again, I just move on.

Completely agree with this.