Question about tutors

I am on the Plus membership and I understand I can choose a tutor. I’m studying three languages – may I pick a tutor for each language? Thanks!

No, your personal tutor is only for one language. However, you can still speak with whichever tutor you like on the Speak page and you can sign up for a course with any tutor in any language. You will only get a monthly report in one language from your personal tutor, however.

Mark is the expert on all of this. I think that our system does not allow you to choose a separate tutor for each language, unfortunately. It is just a system thing. However, I suggest you choose a tutor for one of the languages and then sign up for courses in the other languages. When you buy a course you are essentially buying points to spend on writing and speaking. You can then sign up for discussions with and submit writing to the tutor who created the course. It really amounts to the same thing.

I am sorry we could not design the system with the flexibility you would like. Maybe in the future.

Also, if you don’t want to buy a course at every language that you learn, but want your writing submission to be checked by some specific tutor, just write on the title of submission “To ”.

If you have regular conversations with the same tutor, and submit writing to that tutor too, then they are effectively a personal tutor for you, they can help you see your progress. I have three or four tutors that I work with regularly, over three different languages.

Thanks for the advice. Sounds like a simple fix! Appreciate all of your support.