Question about Payment

I want to update my account to the $10 a month. But I don’t get paid until the 25th of December. I really don’t have the 10 bucks until pay day. I want to continue my studies, but i ran out of LingQ’s. Is it possible to submit my payment but have it held until my next pay day? If you look at my profile I’ve been very active in only a few days. I don’t want to lose my momentum.

Hi dmly,

I don’t know that there is much we can do. You have to pay in order to upgrade. However, if you sign up with a credit card, you certainly won’t have to actually pay anything for a while. How were you planning on paying?

using my debit card. i’m a recent college grad and money is hard to come by. my credit cards are packed as well.

We hate to slow down your momentum and would love to help you out but we really can’t. Sorry about that. You must be able to find a friend who can advance you some money for such a worthy task… :slight_smile:

dmly, start earning points. Get our friends to join LingQ and you can earn 200 points per month per paying member. Tutor on LingQ, create content for the library. There are lots of ways to earn points. We do not want to lose you.

Many of us on plus or premium accounts overspend and have to study on empty for a week or more each month! It needn’t slow your studies down, just do the free stuff until payday.