Question about LingQs and Flashcards

As you go through the Flashcards and click “Got It!” do the Flashcards automatically upgrade the LingQ to be the next number up? I mean, if I have a word that is at a “3” and I click “Got It!” will that word be upgraded to “4”? And, if this is the case does it do the same in reverse? As in I have a word that is “4” and get it wrong. Does it go back to “3” automatically? Or do I need to rate the words on my own?

You have to go twice through the Flashcards. When you click “Got it!” the second time the status increases. Please check the FAQ. Click on the question mark on vocabulary page. You’ll find a lot of explanations.

Oops, sorry. You’re right the Help under Vocabulary explains everything, thanks.