Question about LingQ

I have a few questions. Can I submit writings and talk to tutors only if I pay? And get points too only by buying?

All the best,

I forgot to ask that when I buy the Basic Membership, then will I get any points or I must buy them separately? And how can I earn the points?

Thanks for answering:)

Hi Katrin,

You do not receive any points with Basic membership. However, you can purchase points for 50% less than what it costs free members to purchase points.

Right now, there are only two ways to earn points. You can import content and then sell it or you must be the most active member on LingQ at the end of the month. If you have the highest activity index (you’ve done more on LingQ than all other members) we will give you 1000 points and mention you in our monthly newsletter.

We may be adding more ways to earn points in the future.