Question about Korean

I’m just wondering whether the Korean language is the same in both South-Korea and North-Korea. If not, what are the main differences between them? Thanks!

I think there’s a few Chinese Kanji left in South Korean, they’ve been totally phased out in the north. In the North, some strokes are different. I.e. ㅌ |tʰ| from ㄷ |t| is written above rather than inside the letter.

There are a few regular pronunciation differences, and northern orthography/typesetting seems alot more ordered with better spacing. I’ve heard that the north can tend to sound a few decades behind the south, maybe like hearing a smoking add from the 1950’s.
In the North, names of leaders 김일성 (Kim Il-sung) and 김정일 (Kim Jong-il) are always set off in bold. …: /

Also, I’d guess it’s maybe harder to find material for North Korean, but it seems they are both totally mutually intelligable.

From what I understand, typical north Koreans tend to speak more formally than south Koreans using the ~습니다 / ~입니다 forms alot more frequently.

I assume the biggest differences would be the use of thousands of english loan words in south Korea as opposed to probably none at all in the north! I heard that’s what north Korean escapees have the most trouble with when trying to understand Korean from the south! Also the use of hanja ( 한자. Chinese characters ) which is used in the south. South Koreans students have to study 1500+ while in school. Don’t think they use hanja in north Korea…

Plus I’m sure they have their own expressions and created words that don’t exist in the south. Much like any other languages with many dialects…