Question about created Lingqs

I was studying today and when trying to create a lingq the system said that I had reach my 100 lingqs, so I went thru all of them and cleared some that I know and my total changed to only 22 lingqs created.
But when I tried to go back to the lesson it continued to show that I can no longer create new lingqs due to my limit of only 100.
What does that mean? That I can never create new ones for now on unless I become a paid member? Or is a another bug?
Please let me know! thanks so much in advance :wink:

you should check both of them… italian and french;) total amount of them must have exceeded the limit of 100 lingqs to show such a warning…

I did check both as a matter of fact I cleared all my lingqs in Italian. When I say I cleared them I mean I change them to known words. Do I have to delete them?
Please help! I can’t continue unless I create more lingqs.

unfortunately, you have got to delete them. go to your vocabulary section and delete the words you already know which are still there… then it will not be any problem without restriction of lingqing words not more than100…

Aaawww I guess it’s okay, thanks for your help!

you are wellcome!