Question about award for transcription

Hi Steve, hi mark,

I’ve read in the forum, that you are looking for new content and we will receive Points as an award. I’ve found a podcast and I have the allowance of the author to share the content. That I told you in the German forum, but I think my following questions are interesting for all members. Therefore, I wrote my question here in the Content Forum.
I have to do and I’m willing to do the transcription. Is there also an award for finding and transcripting content? Or only for new and self-created content? How shall I do the import? Who is the provider? Will I receive Points if someone uses content that I have transcript and the provider is the author of the podcast? I know a low of questions. But I didn’t find the answers in the forum.


We reward people who contribute content BASED ON USAGE. However, the amount of these awards in uncertain, since the total amount to be distributed per month comes from unused points, the amount of which can vary from month to month. We think this amount will increase over time as we get more users, not all of whom will use up all their points within the 3 month limit period.

If you are the person who finds a source, and obtains permission, as you have done with Gans am Boden,then that content is yours and you get credit for it. Our system cannot, at present, distinguish between original content created by you, and content that you find and load up. With content that you create yourself you have the possibility to charge for it. You cannot, of course, charge for content that others let us use.

If you do the transcript, you get the full amount of the award. If we arrange to pay to have the transcript done,then LingQ owns the content, since the transcript is the most time consuming part.

We want to have a rich and varied library for our learners, and Gans am Boden is great. We also have another motive for working with podcasters like Gans am Boden. If we provide them with the transcript, then we would like them, in exchange, to mention LingQ in their podcast and to give us a link. The message could be “The transcript for this podcast is provided by LingQ where people learn languages from the leading podcasts on the Web”.

Conceivably we could also provide recordings to blogs or other content sites on the same basis. The goal is to obtain good content, but at the same time to bet publicity for LingQ.

Thank you for answering. I hope I understand it right :wink: My English isn’t very good.

One thing is not clear. When I upload the content, who is the provider? Me oder “Gans am Boden” for example. Get I the credit when I upload and as provider “Gans am Boden” is named?

I’m happy that you share my opinion that “Gans am Boden” is useful.

Hi Vera,

This likes like it will be great. You should make Gans am boden the Provider. The provider is just an acknowledgement of the content source. You will still be identified as the content “creator” and will receive any points due for this content.

Thank’s Mark.
I transcript and import the first podcast from “Gans am Boden”. I hope I did it right.

Looks great, Vera! The only thing I would suggest is to not repeat the title of the Collection “Gans am Boden” for each item in the Collection. Otherwise it appears twice as it does now. You can go back and edit the Item title now so it is just “001 - …”