Question about archiving items

The number of archived items on my work desk increases and there a lot of items on which I never take a look in the future. Is it necessary to keep them? Is there an effect on my number of known words or on the saved LingQ’s if I delete these items?

To my knowledge, deleting items will not affect your known vocabulary. I have archived basically every item I have opened (for later reference) but will probably delete the most basic ones.

Deleting items has no effect on your known words or saved lingqs.

Thank you.

For what does archiving make sense?
Is that only for the control with what I have worked and perhaps faster finding?

I find it useful to go back to old items to see if I can get more out of it. What seemed to be “enough” a couple of months ago may put new things into light later on. Better knowledge of the language helps identifying new phrases, there might be words here and there which I didn’t notice but “should” save et.c.

Moreover, so far I have found that all my archived item are semi-open - I can save the audio to my harddrive without even opening any of them (if I had deleted them, I would have to locate the collections again, select the items et.c.).

I understand - I did the same but I couldn’t give an explanation why to a friend :slight_smile:

I have tons of archived items, and never came back to anyone in almost one year, and I consider myself a heavy user of LingQ.
In order to make archiving less annoying, I don’t use the button to “finish” the item anymore, because this way I don’t have to go to the complete items list to archive them…
But I’m not sure if this makes some difference in my statistics…

The whole issue of archiving will be looked at again when we redo the Library. You have to realize that as the system evolved not every solution we chose was ideal. All input is welcome with no promise to respond.