Question about an eBook

Hey, Everybody,
If I bought the Linguist eBook, in Chinese, would I be able to import it to lingQ? There only seems to be the first chapter of the book on LingQ in Chinese. I am curious, because I have seen some ebooks don’t allow you to import the text to another platform. I have encountered this before, and before I purchase the ebook, I was wondering if anybody knows whether or not I could use the lingq tool with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Cody C.

Try reposting this in the Support Forum. Meanwhile, here is some info: The general rule on private imports is that you can import material under copyright, as long as you keep it private. As Steve’s book is available on LingQ in any case, you should feel free to import it.

I have heard that ‘Calibre’ is useful when you want to import e-books. As I have zero technical knowledge you’d better ask around.

Hi Cody,
As long as you keep it on “Private” it’s ok, feel free to import it.

Thank you, Zoran.

My question isn’t actually about whether I can add the book on LingQ itself. Instead, what I am curious about is whether or not the eBook can be copied and pasted onto LingQ. I had an issue with a separate book to where I could not copy the words onto LingQ or any platform for that matter. So I was curious whether anybody has had any issue copying and pasting this book, and if the eBook prevents this function?


Ah I see, sorry about that.
Take a look at this blog post:
I hope it can help you with this matter.