[query] Can we still download lessons (text and sound)

In the previous version of Lingq I remember being able to download both sound and text to my computer. I cannot find this option in the current release. Where did it go?

I do not recall that option. Would have been useful, but now I use This Lingq Extension which adds that capability.

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well, maybe it was only mp3, but it certainly was there. This was ofcourse before the new and shiny version of lingq. It would make sense, because many language learners use the telephone to download one or more lessons in order to listen offline. I think that is also what Steve Kauffman does. I just probably just couldn’t find it. So I will patiently wait for a reply from lingq.

Yes, I have the tool as well, I will see if I can find the download option. Thanks for the tip.

When in a lesson, look for the 3 dots (…) at the top right, select the option to download audio from the dropdown menu, for text you can try “print lesson.”


Cool. I see it now. Never noticed it before.

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@gbonnema Only audio can be downloaded. The option to download it is under the lesson menu (three dots at the top right).