Put one ling in and it says I've reached my limit?

Hi Everyone,

I want to try Ling out so I imported some text to read and after the first linq, it said I had to upgrade. I’ve put one linq in so certainly haven’t reached 100 limit.

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With the last update on July, 2, they changed the limit from 100 to 20, but if you invite others to LingQ you always 20 are added to the limit of LingQs.
Read more about it:

So far you have created 19 LingQs for German and 1 LingQ for English as I can see from your profile. That is why your limit of 20 LingQs is reached.

Veral…thank you for your response. Only 20 now? Geez.

Also, where do you see 19 in German? In the yellow block titled Lingq, I see the number 1 and it has the one german word I got to before it said I reached my limit. I played around with it a while ago but I don’t recall making any Lingq.

u50623 Ich stimme zu.


First of all we will never restrict access to the library. The library content is provided by our members, and it is not for us to limit access to it. We do, however, want to find the best way to get people to take the plunge and commit to LingQ, and use all of its great functionality. So far the most recent experiment in forcing an earlier decision point has proven successful. People seem to decide more based on impulse than a careful evaluation of the site. Once they commit, they learn more. So the learners benefit from being nudged, and the LingQ community benefits.

I have made my decision. As soon as I have $10.00 dollars . I will be a premium member. I think this is better than Yabla in some ways.