"Punti di Vista" [points of view] in italian!

I’m very excited to announce to our fellow Italian learners that I’ve created a new collection, along the lines of what Albert did in Spanish, that is titled “Punti di vista” [Points of view]. As you may have already guessed, it consists of stories told in different verbal tenses.

The stories feature me as the main character (I know it may sound selfish, that’s awfully good :wink: ), and are mostly about outlandish situations, so be ready to laugh. But still, they do offer the learner a wide range of essential vocabulary, words that you might end up using every day.

I created this lesson because I’ve been analyzing some statistics with Steve, and what we inferred from them was that our Italian library is in dire need of beginner-didactic content. Up until know only intermediate content has been uploaded, and even whole 1800’s books. Plus, more and more people remark the “pessimistic” or “complaining” cut of some lessons, and learning should be first of all pleasant and fun.

I cannot describe you what satisfaction I feel when I write these lessons, and I plan to make more of them. They are easy to do, truth be told. I encourage Italian students to ask questions on the forum if they don’t understand something. I’ll put notes in the lessons so that my answers will be viewable by anyone, regardless of the forum.

And now let’s dive into numbers. I’ve already uploaded 14 lessons, and you can stay assured there’ll be more in a short time. The average duration of each lesson is 2 and a half minutes.

And to conclude, an appeal to all active italian members here at lingQ. Try to focus mostly on beginner content. That’s what our students need. That’s what most people use [smell of points]

Enjoy your learning!

PS: thanks Albert for inspiring us all!


Many thanks for sharing these. I look forward to studying them next week !

Yes, Albert have done wonderful contents. Great thanks Adalberto for those new Italian contents that I’m going to study :slight_smile:

I’m also thinking of making pov stories by changing articles, nouns and other elements. But let’s not get too fast.

Hi Marianne! Didn’t know you were studying italian! What a surprise!

Adalberto. I wanted to stick for several months to English only but I can’t stay away from Spanish a long time…A few weeks ago, I have decided on a whim to also study Italian!! It’s a beautiful language. Spanish and Italian are closed languages and I was not sure about both studies. However, I enjoy them a lot and will continue. I noticed a lack of Italian contents for beginners but was pleased to study what was offered so far.
I was delighted to read your post about these new contents! Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually I was thinking of studying French, Steve encouraged me to do so, I’ll be doing it as soon as I get my driving license and have more time.

Good news :slight_smile: