Punctuation being cut off

Hello, I have this problem rather frequently (in Russian): if there is a piece of punctuation at the end of a line it will sometimes be cut off and will not be visible. This can be very frustrating as the meaning of the sentence can depend on punctuation. I think that the punctuation is being cut off by the turn page button. If I change the font size, that punctuation will then be visible: see the attached image of the same lines in different fonts and see how the first line has a missing comma. Could you please look into this, thanks.

Can you please provide a link to one of lessons in which you noticed that issue?
We will soon launch new LingQ 5.0 version with redesigned reader, the issues like this will be fixed.

Login - LingQ here is the link to the section where I screenshotted above. The font is in serif at a certain size where the issue occurs.

Thanks! Problems like this will be solved in new reader which we will release soon. Thanks again for reporting it.