Pronunciation correction

Is it possible to record my voice while I am reading a content item, and then send you as an mp3 for correction? Of course it would cost points. Or do you find it impractical?

Hi marcin82,

In fact, we have plans to do just that but we just need to find the time to get this done. We did some pronunciation analysis like this outside of the system in our old system at TheLinguist but we now want to have it integrated into the system so it is easier for everyone to deal with. We hope to have a system for pronunciation analysis built in to LingQ within the next few months. You will be able to submit a recording of any text and a tutor will analyse your text and identify the sounds to work on.

Hi mark,

Nice to hear it and I am looking forward using this feature. Even though my pronunciation is good enough for others to understand me. I have troubles reading and speaking smoothly. Especially when certain sounds or words happen to stand close. There is this connected speech I would really like to practice on

This is going to be a really great feature, I’m looking forward it too!

it sounds very good - I wonder again and again abour your activities and ideas in LingQ. Can onother program me better, I think NO!