Progress Snapshot

I wanted to take a moment to say the Progress Snapshot on the Overview tab is awesome! I’ve started using it more, changing the view from the default “Last 7 Days” to “Today” in order to try to stretch and meet (or beat) the goals it sets per day.

This is working, as I’m now consistently getting in at least an hour of listening (my biggest weakness) per day. I try to make that at least some time listening without reading and listening while reading. I also try to make sure to mix some shorter and longer items that I’ve imported from the library.

I agree with you. At first sight, it seems like a silly thing to rely on these more or less arbitrary goals to proceed. But the reality is that for me they work like this too. I’m always trying to meet at least the goals established there, and this keeps me working on a more regular basis.

That’s why we have them! :slight_smile: I, too, find them helpful in getting me to do more by keeping up.

Here I had a suggestion for the learners who want to control the daily progress:
Could it be possible to fix the choosen time? At the moment we have 7 days fixed.

Since reading this post I’ve started doing this. You aren’t kidding – it really motivates me to get those little green bars all the way to the right. Would be great if I didn’t have to switch it each time I came to the page.