Progress Snapshot

If I click “French”, I saw the following message, and no data.

To see your stats please choose a level below.
Level: No Knowledge

What happens now?

When I clicked “French”, I saw the following message, and no data.

To see your stats please choose a level below.
Level: No Knowledge

What is happening now? I hope that all the things will be updated very soon.

If your level is currently set at “No Knowledge” then statistics will not appear, as there are no learning targets for “No Knowledge”. We’re looking at removing this level, as it often causes confusion and various other problems.
For now, if you select a different level (i.e. not “No Knowledge”) you will be able to see your up-to-date statistics

Thank you very much for your quick response. When I selected my level ( advanced1) again, I got all my statistics. But it is strange because I never changed my level. May it changed automatically?

Anyway thank you very much for letting me know.

I hope you won’t remove “no knowledge” as a level. If you do, people will have to describe themselves as “beginner 1” when they are actually absolute beginners. If you look at the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, you see that students have to put in quite a bit of work to reach beginner 1 level.

I’m a beginner 1 in Japanese and it’s taken me over a year to get there, working on the sound system, the writing, learning to recognise a verb etc.

I would personally like to see intermediate 1 split out into 2 levels…but as that would cost you extra work, I won’t even go there!

The main problem with No Knowledge is that it is not an actual level in our Library, as there is no option to rate content as “No Knowledge”. Because of that it creates a lot of confusion and doesn’t actually serve any purpose. Plus, as soon as you learn one word you’re technically no longer “No Knowledge” :slight_smile:

In our eyes, Beginner 1 also includes absolute beginners. There will of course be differences between a high level Beginner 1 and a low level Beginner 1, much in the same way as there will be differences between people of all respective levels. I’d like to think we’re a little more lenient, especially since we allow people to change their level ad nauseam :slight_smile:

Helen, the levels represent the goals, not the starting point of a learner. An Advanced 2 learner does not begin as an Advanced 2 learn, but aspires to get there, the same with a Beginner 1 learner. As soon as the learner has done one lesson she is no longer at the No Knowledge level, but aspires to reach the Beginner 1 goal, in order to move to the next level.