Progress snapshot not showing up

I went to look on my profile today and I couldn’t see my progress snapshot of all of my languages. I all I have is my recent activities showing up.

We made a change there and it looks like if you have No Knowledge selected as your level, that language won’t show up. We will try and figure out the problem but in the meantime, if you choose a level for each language you are studying, those stats should show up.

I just found out about this ‘hickup’. Whichever language I’m in, my progress snapshot shows Korean and No Knowledge. I can see the latest week on the Lessons page only.
I changed the level, but it was still Korean, which I don’t study.

I have the same problem with my progress snapshot.
Mark, would you like me to start learning German?! My plans are a little bit different. I might start learning German in the future but not now.

I’m a beginner 2 in spanish and no knowledge in German and none of them show in my profile tab. Just to add a bit to the issue.

Thanks Mark for the speedy reply!

Sorry about that! We’re working on it.

On my profile page, “French” is fixed on “Progress snapshot,” and no tabs for selecting languages.

In the “Weakly progress” section on another page, there is no description of the languages that I am learning.

There is no description of the languages, although I can select the “level.”

My snapshot on my profile is showing Chinese & English tabs, but I’m actually studying Spanish.

Thanks for letting us know. I know the problem is being worked on and hopefully will be resolved shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

My snapshot on my profile is showing Italian, Korean and German.
I would like to add today’s activity for Chinese and French but I can not do that as the following.

Speak 1h
listen about 30 minute

listen to information of Radio Japon and “le journal en français facile” of Radio France International
for about 22 minute

Thanks. Now all the languages have appeared on my profile page.

Thanks. Now all the languages have appeared on my profile page.

Thanks Mark! Much appreciated!

Yes, sorry about that. The issues with the Progress Snapshot have been fixed. Incidentally, you can now see all languages for which you have an Activity Score greater than 0 or for which you have more than 100 LingQs.

I don’t create LingQs or anything else I get an activity score from, so does that mean soon I won’t have a progress snapshot for any language on my profile?

@psychedelica - That is correct. You should see them if you are in that language but others won’t see your stats. The easiest thing to do is to create 100 LingQs. Then your stats will appear.

Wouldn’t it be easier to create 1 LingQ? That gives me an activity score of 1 right? Well, I don’t really care :stuck_out_tongue: It’s only my profile, as long as I can learn the languages.