Progress bar weekly stats

Hello everyone my statistics in the progress bar switched from daily stats to weekly stats, can I switch it back to daily?


Thanks, it can’t be changed, but I’ll forward your feedback to our team.

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What is the rationale for this change?

I have daily goals for my language learning and being able to track these with Lingq was one of the main things I like about the software over and above alternatives. I don’t understand how only been able to see rolling 7 day totals is useful

(yes I know I can click through several pages and manually change each element Im tracking then find the information on the daily graph but thats incredibly time consuming when I just want to see my progress.)


I have the same problem from last week. I don’t understand this change.
The statistics worked well, why then make changes without any meaning to the user? What’s the point of wanting to see the weekly statistics instead of keeping a quick check on the daily statistics?
Please solve this problem and don’t let these stupid errors continue over time.


I’m baffled by this too. Who would look at how many steps they walked, for example, and prefer to see a rolling 7-day average and not the daily amount?


Daily goals for me please.


Please change it again. Together with other problems, it makes LingQ almost unusable for me.