Profile not showing up on tutoring page and other tutoring issues

Hi, my profile is not showing up on the tutoring page. Students can’t find me although I’ve always kept some slots available on Lingq.
It’s a bit ironic because I’m often the only tutor answering people’s questions on the ask a tutor both French and Spanish forums… I’ve been busy for the past months and I’m answering now people’s questions because no tutor has!

I can also see that the only lessons that have visibility on Lingq are Lingq’s lessons, that’s normal, and the most famous youtubers’, although I don’t thing they are doing anything here on Lingq to help students…

I’ve stopped correcting students writings on the exchange page because there are always people who have no idea correcting things that are correct and making more mistakes than there already were, and that’s really a nonsense.

I really think tutoring here is under estimated and maybe it would be nice to give some more visibility and a little help to tutors who actually participate in helping people and sharing their content here.

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Hi Katy, I actually tried looking for you on the tutor pages a while back but couldn’t find you (and still can’t). I also looked for you on italki but couldn’t find you either. Are you on italki? If so, please send a link to your italki page. Thanks!

Hi JFC, I work on Italki but you can’t find me because I give professional lessons there and I have regular students. I’ll go on vacation in 2 or 3 weeks, so I thought it was better if I didn’t take new students. But if you want I send you the link to my profile and I put availability for informal tutoring sessions. I’ll send you a private message.

Hi Katy,
Are you sure that your tutoring profile is set up properly? Do you have French selected as your tutoring language and all other information added?

Hi Zoran, yes I set up my tutoring profile for French and Spanish a long time ago. I’ve been tutoring here for several years, as you know, updating my availability. I selected a video resentation and I’ve been updating prices since you allow these options. I gave 7 conversations on Lingq in May, the last one was on May the 27th so my profile was still on the tutoring page and although I reduced my availability in June and July I’ve always kept some slots available here. Unless I go on vacation, I want to be visible on Lingq because teaching languages on-line is my real job and not just a hobby and that’s a way people can get to know me.

Hi Katy,
Your profile is now listed on the tutors page. Let me know if you experience the same issue again.