Profile: Languages Being Studied

LingQ Team,

Great updates on the profile and conversation reports! In my profile it shows I’m studying (what I think includes) every language offered by LingQ. Some I’ve never selected, so I’m pretty sure this is either a bug or a system constraint. My apologies if it’s a known issue!

Mine too… so I’d guess it’s a problem, known or not.
I WISH I were that industrious. :wink:

The problem is that right now we show every language that you have looked at on LingQ. So, even if you just took a look at a language by mistake it is added to your list. We know about this and we are going to fix it. It will probably stay like it is, though, for a few weeks yet. Sorry about that.

Actually, the problem I mentioned above is true, however, at the moment we are showing that everyone is studying every language which is another bug. We will fix that right away.

The problem is fixed.

Now you should just see the language you looked at; not all languages available on LingQ.

Henry and Mark,
for me, all languages still appear as if I were studying them…
Marlene, ME TOO!!! rsss…

Ana, that has to do with the first problem. If you’ve opened every language on LingQ, you’ll see every language in your list. Just like I have every language in my list. However, you’ll see that Jason and JustMe only show the languages that they have opened. We will come up with a different way of showing this eventually but that is how it is for the next few weeks.

Hi Mark,
maybe you look at the number of “Known Words” too. I have open Items in German (my native Language), Swedish and French, but the number of Knowns Words is still Zero because I didn’t work on the context. I was only controlling the import of content in German and out of curiosity in the other languages.

the “known words” respectively as a result the unknown words will be only counted if you click on “all done” (“Fertig”)

Irene, I know, but you misunderstand what I meant.
I think, Mark can use the number of unknown words to check if I learn a Language. The number of known words in German and Swedish is Zero.
So Mark can see this and this indicates that I’m not learning German and Swedish even if I have look to a content.

Now I understand, Vera, and I see your thinking is as a programer :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fix!

Hi Vera,

Yes, we will use the Known Words as part of the criteria and we will also use the Activity Score for each language as well since some people may be speaking but not saving words etc… At any rate, this won’t happen for a few weeks.