Problems with Opera 10 browser

I’ve been using LingQ with Opera v.10 and have noticed that there are two problems I encounter all the time.

  1. When a new lingq is created, the phrase the word is automatically associated with has repeated words randomly in it. Sorry thats the best way I can describe it…

  2. I would like to upload a picture when I import my lessons, but the upload box is cut off at the bottom of the screen, so choosing a file to upload is impossible.

I have none of these issues when using the latest version of Internet Explorer, but was wondering if these bugs could be fixed so I can continue using lingq in my preferred browser.

Just for reference, I use lingq to study imported Korean content only. So I am not sure if this problem is evident in the regular lessons.

Hi Edwin,

We don’t actually test on Opera although we are aware of the cropper issue. We should eventually get around to fixing these problems in Opera but I can’t promise this any time soon. You shouldn’t have these problems on Firefox, IE or Safari.

I used to be a big fan of Opera. In the last year or so, it’s become a real pain to use.

Firefox is the king.