Problems with Lingqs learned

I am not sure if it is my computer but last night I learned 10 more words on Italian having 164 registered already but after the learnt words, I should have 174 but the words or lingqs registered remained the same at 164. Is this normal or there is a glitch on the system?

There have been issues like this reported before but we are unable to replicate the issue ourselves. Can you tell me what browser and version number you are using?

I am using internet explorer 8 version 8.0.6001. I will try on a different computer to see if is my browser or something else. Thanks Mark

I have had this problems some time ago. Also there was a problem with learned phrases. They were not counted as learned LingQs. I registered this some time ago. But I’m not sure if this is still the case.

Hi Mark,
My problems still persists. I have tried on all my computers but the learned lingQs are not still counted as you reach level 4. Right now I am using my Mac pro which uses safari and just did ten more lingqs but were not registered as learnt. I tried this on my home page and also going to vocabulary and directly changing the level of some to 4 but the word register did not change.

I just experimented a bit and found that manually moving things to Known (level 4) doesn’t work for me when I tick items over several pages. If I stick to words on just one page and press the refresh button immediately, then check my Profile page, the changes register on the badge and in the language list on the left. I’m using FF.

I did this with Swedish first, then Italian. The key, at the moment, is to stick to words on one page only and to refresh that page immediately.

Thanks SanneT.
I tried your suggestion and I can see the lingqs leaned wen up but nothing on the badge. I tried it many way, even now, I open lingq on my notebook, I check my words in my badge and I wrote them down, then I went to vocabulary and from the list, I marked five words with known (4) and refresh my screen. I then went to home to see my badge and nothing.

Only when I go to a lesson and as long as I dont mark any words to be learnt I get my new words in my badge. I just dont know what to say.

Are “Known words” increased? I mean the Progress Snapshot panel at the Profile page. Perhaps badges don’t update immediately

Yes, the badges are the ones that don’t update. Anyway, the important thing is to keep learning. Thanks Cakypa.

@arenas - The counting seems ok most of the time but there do seem to be some inconsistencies from time to time. We will look into it and try to figure out what is causing it.

I noticed the same thing as Arenas. It isn’t that big a deal to me because I’m not really studying that much anyway.

If it helps…I was using Google Chrome as my internet browser, when I first noticed the problem.