Problems with LingQ function and MP3 files download - after the site update

The new interface is nice, but I can’t use it :frowning:

  1. After site updating the LingQ function is missing, so I can’t create new lingqs or see the lingqs I created earlier. Someone else has this problem?

  2. How can I download MP3 files of my new items? After the interface change I can only hear the new items on the computer screen.


Before the update you didn’t have to open an assignment to download the audio, but now the download option has been moved to the right hand side of the opened assignment. It is option 3:
Download and Listen

Although of course it is possible you already knew and the button just isn’t working for you.

Thanks for answering so quickly!

I sow this download possibility in open items, but unfortunately it only allows me to listen, not to download files. I understand there are some bugs after the site updating, may be I just need to wait patiently a day or two, and hope that Mark will fix the problems soon… You wrote something about the addiction to the LingQ, I think I’ll go cold turkey :slight_smile:

I have the same problem (I can’t see the LingQ button).
It seems it may depend on the browser we use.
Still, it’s very frustrating, because it is not really possible to learn without this LingQ button.
I sympathize !

Wow, cold turkey… I don’t think I could do it! I am working with Firefox and my problems are of a different nature (can’t find my archived items, can’t delete imported items, can’t take items from the library if they have previously been in my archives, can’t see the translations of my highlighted words), but there is a lot I can still do. I’m sure after the bugs are fixed everything at LingQ will be even better than ever before. Nice to meet you, Ina and Lylandra!

You can download audio under step 3 in the open assignment - however, I liked being able to download from my personal library/archived items/whatever. Every item had a link to the audio.

Thanks Jeff,
It seems that Internet Explorer users have more problems than others. I can’t download MP3 from my personal library - this possibility disappeared after the website update.
No MP3 downloading, no my own items uploading, no LingQ creating, no access to archives… Like in the Dark Ages :slight_smile:

I’m using IE 7.0 and can do most things I could before (but the progress snapshot updates very irregularly, and I can’t find the 25 most frequent LingQs).

You’re right, Jeff, I can’t find those either, although they have their little [+] signs in the vocabulary section.


We are checking into the progress snapshot. It does seem to be behaving strangely. The 25 most frequent LingQs are no longer shown since we removed the Overview page. We just couldn’t keep everything, unfortunately. We will be adding this feature to the Vocabulary page in some form later on but in the meantime this list is still shown and can be flashcarded on the Write page.

I would also like to have the 25 most frequent LingQs! I found them very helpful. I’m looking forward for your changes.

Well, now we all have to submit some writing more often to get to our most frequent links!


I never thought of that but I like it!


I can’t find any problems with the Progress Snapshot. It seems to be recording all my activities fine. If you have it open in another tab, make sure to refresh it after you do some work. We’ll see if we can get the download audio link back on the Course page.


Downloading seems fine for me. Which browser are you using and which lesson? Is this the case for all lessons? LingQing seems fine in Internet Explorer 7 as does opening archived lessons or moving these to active lessons. Are you on IE6?


What browser are you using?

No Mark, I have IE7, but you’re right - it seems that the problem is with my computer browser, not with the LingQ website. I entered my username in another computer - everything is perfect. I’ll try to fix the problem.


That is strange Ina. Everything is fine for me in IE7. Have you tried to closing and restarting your browser? If you can’t fix it, you can send us some screen shots so we can see if we can help.


What browser are you using?

Refreshing the window didn’t change anything, nor switching back and forth from say, Russian to German and then Russian again.

However, I found a way to get fresh statistics - by closing the tab and opening it again, the current values are shown. :slight_smile:

Ah…probably because the stats widget does not refresh once it’s loaded. You actually need to reload the whole page.


Please check that you Javascript enabled in your browser. You seem to be having problems with the Javascript components of the page.

“Ah…probably because the stats widget does not refresh once it’s loaded.”

It did in last version, though - if checked the “Today” stats, then created a new LingQ, then checked “Yesterday” and then “Today”, the stats were updated. In fact, everything loaded whenever I chose a new time interval.