Problems with importing

Hi Mark and Steve!
I’m having trouble on importing new Spanish items. I couldn’t write any text of lessons my wife Liszeth has prepared in the Import page. Could you be so kind to help me?

We are experiencing a few problems as we convert to the new server configuration. Please bear with us as we fix these problems. sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh!!! ok Steve!!! I will.
We are so excited on importing new material on the Spanish section.
thanks a lot!!!

Hi Paco,

Importing is working well for me. Can you refresh your page or try logging out and logging in again. Let me know if you’re still having problems after doing this.

I have problems too. I’m having trouble to write into the text of the lesson. Too, after new login.

Hi Annett, Do you use IE7? There is a problem Correction Of An Imported Item With Ie7 - Language Forum ...

Vera, you are right. It works with firefox.

The problem about importing new content has been corrected!!! thanks!!!

But now I having some troubles with croping pictures!!!

What can I do?

The cropper needs to be fixed, too. This should happen tomorrow.

you can resize your picture to 120 x 120, or at least 120 wide, and just click on the cropper and it will work. I’ve tried this and the image is fine. Otherwise, you can just click on the cropper even if you can’t see the image and it will still work, it will just crop the top-left edge of the image.