Problems with imported lessons again

A lesson I just imported with the Firefox plugin shows numbers in blue and pops an error when I try to ignore those. It should ignore those itself.

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I can also see punctuation marks merging into words (hence creating new blue words). It is also for old lessons. This is the same problem we had several days ago. Why does it keep coming back?


Yep, having the exact same problem. Punctuation marks are counted as blue words and give me an error message when I try to click on them. Lessons are now impossible to complete. Very frustrating as a paying member.


I am also having the same problem. And it has happened before. I re-did the import as plain text and it seemed to help. But today the issue was back again and on multiple documents.

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Same problem here as well.

So sorry about the issue re-appearing everyone! We are looking into it and we will do our best to solve it for good asap!

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