Problems with clicking on words

Over the last few days I’ve had problems with ‘Use a popular translation from the community’ not displaying a translation when i click on a word. This is happening both on my home and work computer. It is starting to have an impact on my learning.

Can someone get back to me on this as soon as possible please?

I’m also getting this error message

“There was an error opening this lesson…”

Hi Martinxo,
I am sorry to hear that! What exactly happen when you click on a word? Can you please provide us screenshot to support(at) ?

We are working on improving lessons loading speed which will hopefully solve that opening lessons issue. Sorry about that!

Hi Zoran, a screenshot won’t really tell you anything. What happens is I load some text and start clicking on words. At some point the translation will not change after clicking the word. If I reload the page I can sometimes start again but after a while the same problem arises. I then get the warning message as described above and lose all the text.

I do a LOT of texts, would this be an issue?

This has only been a problem in the last two weeks.

Hi Martinxo,
This should be fixed, can you please try again? Thanks!

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Hi Zoran, no issues for the last few days, looks like the issue is fixed. Thanks!