Problems with Android App

Basically, I’ve had some little problems with the app on my Samsung Note 4.

The lessons won’t show up on the app. Example, if I’m loading one of Evgueny’s lessons on his course, “Советы учителя” it won’t load all of the lessons. It caps out at lesson 23 and anything past that won’t show up. This is true for a lot of courses.

Also, a similar parallel problem is that when lessons have been deleted from the library, they show up on the app. Example, the русский подкаст course only has so many lessons. It seems the original creator deleted at least half the lessons and they still show up on my phone.

I’m trying to be as specific as I can describing this, so I hope this paints a picture.

Hi Dimethylamine,
I am sorry to hear that you’re having this issues. However, I am not able to reproduce any of it. I’ve tried with more then 30 courses with more then 30-40 lesson within and all lessons show up properly. Even the course “Советы учителя” shows all 26 lessons for me.
Also, I’ve tried to load the “русский подкаст” course and it shows only 13 lessons. I am not sure how much lessons were there before, but it seems that everything works properly on my end.
May I suggest you to try with reinstalling and check if that will help?

Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried that and it worked, so thank you for the help.

I am glad to hear that!