Problems using the dictionary feature

I normally never use the dictionary feature since I never have the right panel open. Instead, I just cut and paste into yandex so I don’t have to constantly open and close the panel. However, I decided to give the panel another try today and I am having issues.

  1. No matter what dictionary settings I have I get this stupid popup with a translation that says, “powered by babylon”. How do I get rid of this?

  2. There are popup dictionaries listed and regular ones. When I select one that doesn’t have (popup) after it nothing happens. What is supposed to happen with such dictionaries?

  3. Is there any way to always show the yandex translation when going to the right panel without having to hit search dictionaries? It has a far better Russian translator than google and thus I don’t want to have to hit extra buttons every time I want to look up a word.


@davidked - We’re working on some updates that should hopefully improve the feel of minimized view!

  1. I’m not quite sure I understand this issue. I don’t see this “Powered by Babylon” tag anywhere. Is it possibly an extension that is installed in your browser? If you take a screenshot and email it to me (alex [at] I should be able to understand it better.

  2. The popup dictionaries are dictionaries that won’t load properly within the dictionary pane, and therefore need to be opened in a separate window (a popup). If you have a popup blocker enabled then you won’t see them, so if you want to use a popup dictionary then you may need to play around a little bit with your browser settings.

  3. Google Translate is shown if there are fewer than 3 user hints for a given word. The benefit of Google Translate is that it provides an automated translation to and from all of the language combinations we offer on LingQ. It isn’t always the most accurate, but does often give some context. For those who want to see a specific dictionary, they can just click “Search dictionary” after selecting a specific word, then view the word in the dictionary and enter a hint for the LingQ for future review. I’m not exactly sure how you’re saving hints now, but if you’re still having trouble with the dashboard dictionary functionality let us know!

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the help. I emailed you the screenshots.

For #3 - Since you stated you are working on the minimized view :slight_smile: - It would be nice to access a dictionary popup from the minimized view without the right panel opening. For example, if there is a word I want to look up in yandex, I want to hit “search dictionary” without causing the right panel to reopen. Today, because the right panel will reopen if I search dictionaries, I manually cut-and-paste. The cut-and-paste can be a bit of a pain since the left mouse must be held while you ctrl-c to copy the text.

If you are working on the minimized view… :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have a quicker way to mark the words as known. For example, a double-click or a little + or something next to the word instead of having to roll over the word and chose known.

@davidked - Regarding the Known, you can just press the “K” key on your keyboard to mark a word as Known :slight_smile:

Google translate doesn’t work today… (“Check Dictionaries & resources” - “Google translate” - I see empty window)

Another thing, I still hope very much that someday instead of annoying “Check Dictionaries & resources” button will appear 3-4 separate buttons, where one of which could be favorite dictionary, the other user hints, and the third maybe the same check dictionaries & resources to more options. I think this is much more convenient.

@sauliokas - thanks for reporting this! We will look into it. Meantime, we have temporary activated a pop-up window for Google translate.

Thanks for your suggestions too. We will keep them in mind!