Problems that arise during my SR-sessions for (Ancient) Greek

I am totally new to this(these) language(s). Therefore, I´d like to get some affirmation of my observations or how to fix the issues involved.
When I use the SR-tool, I have to hear the “ς” at the end of words being pronounced as “sigma”. I am very sure that these sigmas are not isolated such that they´d just be pronounced as letters as the corresponding lingqs seem to contain no gaps (between the penultimate and the last letter, that is sigma).
In principle, I could also come to terms with not learning through audio as I do not intend to listen to Ancient Greek (regardless of the amount of voluntarily produced content there is). The issue, I face, however, arises in the next step. If I were to exclude the pronunciation part of the SR-tool, I would also exclude it for all other languages, which would require me to always change the settings. That´s an annoyance I´d like to avoid.