Problems previewing/downloading audio

I can’t access the audio in any way for Russian (it worked for the German lesson I chose an hour ago).

For the record, I chose “Иван Бунин. Рассказы., В Альпах” which didn’t work, then I took “Кошка в доме., Часть 1” (just as an experiment).

Is it a general problem or just for the Russian content I tried?

It seems to be a general one - I just had the same trouble trying to listen to a new story of Berta’s (el gato …). Instead of the counter 0:00/xx:xx it showed 0:00/NaN:NaN.

I get “404 Not Found nginx/0.6.32” if I click the audio link, and another message if I right-click to “save target as”.

I got the same problem trying to run an imported audio file.

There seems to be a problem with audio files uploaded or imported in the last few days. We are trying to figure out what is going on.

OK, that seems to be the case - I tried downloading “older” audio and that worked.

This has now been fixed.

Maybe it has, but in that case it’s something wrong with the lessons I tried to download (see above), for the problem remains. Both are uploaded in September.

It looks like whoever uploaded those lessons will have to re-upload the audio file in order for the sound to start working. The same goes for any imported content uploaded in the last few days. Since these files were never uploaded properly due to a bug in the system, they have to be uploaded again now that the system is fixed.

Can you tell the day since it doesn’t work?

I have problem in downlaoding the French audios. The speed is very low and somethimes disconnected or failed.