Problems of lesson pages

a few days ago, I found out the problem of lesson page, now is continuing these things. before,these page were very fast. But during I make the LingQ, 1minute or more , Page was not moving. $

what is the servers error?

Hi luijung,

Are you saying that the site is slow when you are creating LingQs? Do you mean the LingQ widget opens slowly or are you referring to the blue popups? Is anyone else finding the lesson page slow?

I mean the LingQ widget opens slowly.

I’ll try it more.


I tried it a few minutes ago, but It’s also slow,
Whether my computer is problem, you can advise to me, too.

the same problem of the blue popups…

It sounds like it is something related to your internet connection speed. We really haven’t heard that from anyone else.

I think the dictionary tool bar, or net service, I see, I’m searching the reasons

thank you for your advice.

see you!