Problems LingQing French words with apostrophes

I can’t highlight words containing apostrophes in my French text. Seems to be a general problem. Examples:


It doesn’t work either when I attempt to just highlight the word to the right of the apostrophe, e.g. épuiser (instead of s’épuiser).

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Yes, this is a general problem. I would be really glad if there is a solution for this problem in the future.

Some texts it works though. I can give you my lessons if required (Mark or Alex).

Hi Jamie,

We’re aware of this issue, but are still working on what exactly is wrong and how exactly to fix it. If you could let us know what lesson it was that would be great. The more examples we can pull data from the better :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

I don’t have a problem with e.g.:
Quick Imports > 17/11/2010 - France: scandale autour du médicament Mediator | RFI

But I do with:
Le Petit Prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupery > 8. La fleur du Petit Prince
(and all lessons within this collection).

Hope this helps you.

Hi Jamie,

It’s interesting that you point out this collection, because as I opened it I noticed that only the first lesson was actually public and the rest were private. This collection is working fine now. Please let us know if you come across any other lessons/collections that aren’t working properly :slight_smile:

Good spot Alex. Working fine now. Thanks !

Wow, more than 7 years later but the problem still exists. I’ve got this issue in “Assimil French with ease-1” course Вхід - LingQ using Google Chrome on Windows 10 laptop.


Same problem for me, plus most French lessons can not be edited for spelling and grammatical errors. Always results in an error message. I have tagged over three hundred spelling errors which need to be corrected, so if this glitch is ever fixed, I may be able to return to them and correct them…

I haven’t encountered any problems with apostrophes yet, but I also got an error message when I tried to correct a spelling mistake.

What bugs me with French is that if a word has a hyphen and you spell it with it when reviewing it, it gets marked as wrong.

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