Problems in adding lessons to Collection


I have added 5 shared lessons to the collection:

And three other lessons (6, 11 and 12) are not yet shared, but yet are already visible in the list without audio. A bit annoying, because this means that I can not ‘invisibly’ add lessons and share them once they are ready.

The reason that I had added 11 and 12 (normally this collection will only contain 10 lessons) is that when I add a new lesson I could not edit this lesson anymore (the text of the lesson). (I am a free member and have 3 personal lessons in my possession, and I such used up the two extra for sharing Dutch content, and then I clicked the button that I would still like to create new content for sharing). There is a bug in this, because than you can only edit the lessons marked as ‘Inaccessible until shared’ and not the lessons marked as ‘Private’ (like lesson 11 and 12).

Thanks for your help.

Don’t worry, all other members will only be able to see the shared lessons (1-5 at this time). The Private and Inaccessible lessons will only display to the content uploader.

Free members are unable to edit Private lessons, as these lessons are part of the 5 import limit. You can, however, edit Shared lessons. This also prevents free users from studying multiple lessons by just replacing the text of a private lesson. Inaccessible lessons will not show up on your My Lessons page and cannot be studied until they are shared.