Problems downloading audio

hi, I can’t click on the download button on the lesson. So to download audio I have to go to my homepage, hover above the lesson and then click the big circle to download it. Is there a way that I’ll be able to press that button in the lesson to download it?

I have a windows laptop, with iTunes and quicktime.

I just tried it out in one of my French lessons. The button did not react immediately, I had to firmly double-click it once or twice, but then it worked from within the lesson.

Thank you! I tried again but noticed that it only works when pressing the top half of the button.

We apologize for this issue. It seems that the formatting is off on these buttons. We’ll work on getting this corrected. If you click the top-half of the button you should be OK for now.

This has now been fixed, and the whole button should be clickable. Be sure to clear your cache if you’re still experiencing any difficulties!