Problems dislaying "My lessons"

A folder “my lessons” is shown incorrectly. I can’t delete a lesson from the folder, also I don’t see a few lessons that I’ve been already doing there (which I didn’t delete for sure). It doesn’t prevent learning, because that lessons can be found in a library and I don’t lose my progress in them, but nevertheless it’s irritating and distracting. I’m looking forward to seeing a solution!

@vlalimpiev - What happens when you try and delete lessons from the My Lessons section? Also, it would be helpful if you could include a screenshot and email it to support (at)

@alex - Thank you for your answer!
When I try to delete a lesson, the site asks ‘Are you sure?’. I choose ok, and then nothing happens, the lesson is still in the folder. BTW, occasionally it works, but usually things go the way that I’ve previously described. I’m really confused!
I don’t completely understand about what part of this I should make a screenshot.
Also, some lessons that I previously did doesn’t appear in the folder, and some previously deleted lessons are in there. I hope that the explanation is clear.

@vlalimpiev - Thanks for the additional information regarding this. Regarding the delete function not working, can you try this using another browser to see if you are still unable to delete lessons from the My Lessons page?

By the way, is anyone else having issues with lessons appearing in the My Lessons section after having already been deleted?

@alex - Thanks again for your reply!
I’m used to using Google Chrome (actually, I use its not wide-spread version Yandex Browser, but basically it’s the same thing). In Chrome the delete function doesn’t work, however, when I tried using Mozila Firefox, the situation drastically changed, only the lessons that are supposed to be in My lessons section are displayed (those, which I struggled to delete in Chrome are not there, and those, which for some reason I can’t find in Chrome, but I did start, are in situ).
Thanks for the idea, but I would also like to know why Chrome doesn’t work with LingQ properly, because I’m really used to using it.

@vlalimpiev - That’s interesting to hear. I’m not familiar with Yandex Browser, but despite it being based on Chromium it may have differences from Google Chrome. We are only able to address issues present in officially supported browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Does this same issue appear in the actual Google Chrome browser?

@alex - It seems weird, but Chrome itself works fine. If Yandex Browser is unsupported, I should probably start using basic Chrome. This issue is strange and hopefully it’ll be fixed by the creators of Yandex Browser soon. Thank you for your help!

@vlalimpiev - OK, good to hear it is working in Chrome. Sounds like Yandex Browser may be causing some strange issues here. If you come across any issues in Chrome or any of our other supported browsers be sure to let us know.

@alex - Of course.