Problems accessing lessons and reports

Ever since I began using LingQ, I have had problems accessing my lessons and reports. Since I figured that I was doing something wrong or needed to learn the “system,” I have never said anything. Does anyone else have problems accessing lessons and reports?

When I try to access some reports, I get a message with the LingQ logo telling me: Oops! It looks like you don’t have access to that page. Return to LingQ

I like to go back and study lessons I have completed. If I don’t bookmark a lesson, I often can’t find it again. I have had to re-upload audio files to the corrected reports when I can’t find the original lesson reports with the audio files included. Sometimes I get the above error message when I know the link I bookmarked worked a day or two before. Links have taken me to a page with my information on it, but there weren’t any reports. I have tried to duplicate this one today, but can’t. However, the above “access denied” page is coming up more often when I try to access lesson reports now.

I hope my explanation makes sense. If it doesn’t, I can try to do a step by step explanation of what is happening.

Thanks so much.

@Em8649 - First of all, let’s look at these 2 unrelated issues separately. You say you can’t access reports, are these conversation reports, writing reports, weekly reports? Please specify and please let us know how or where you are trying to access them.

As for the lessons you want to go back and study, they should all be listed on your My Lessons page which you can find in the Lessons submenu. You don’t need to bookmark anything. Both imported lessons and lessons from the store are displayed on My Lessons and you can sort and search this list. I don’t know what you mean by lesson report and I am not aware of any reports to which audio files can be attached. Audio is only available with lessons and can only be uploaded to imported or shared lessons.

Hope this helps. Please provide more information on these issues since I’m afraid I don’t really follow you at the moment. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Mark: Thanks so much for the explanation and your patience. I just knew I was doing something wrong. I was accessing the Reports through the Write and Speak links not the My Lessons page and the Lessons sub-menu. Using those pages, I can now find the lessons and reports I want. I also figured out that 'm getting the “Oops!” page when I click on a link for a conversation that is scheduled for the future. A big “Oops!” for me on that!!!