Probleme :le site est vraiment très très lent

je n’arrive pas a travailler dans lingq puisqu’il est hyper lent, en fait je n’arrive pas a voir les notifications parce que ça prend beaucoup de temps pour se charger ,même si j’ai une connexion super rapide , est ce que vous en aviez ce problème ou non ?

@faroukben - Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the site. How long has this been an issue for you? Is it consistent or is this happening at specific times?

it is not consistent. often it’s happen form 20.00 until 22.00 my time.It is not the internet connection it is only LingQ.


@jolanda - There look to have been a few server issues over the weekend. The site should be working properly now, and we are continuing to investigate these issues.


Yesterday, Sunday, I was really raging about the site not working that day. I threw cuss words at the site problems. Pain in the behind that is. Could you tell us what was it or what made the site have these problems? I’m now really glad that the site is functionally again, until it happens once more.

@OzzyHellBack - sorry about that! we had some issues with our servers. Now some of them have been solved. Sorry for this inconvenience. Would you tell us if you are still having trouble with the site?


Since Sunday I haven’t had any problems with the site. So whatever you guys did worked like a charm. I hope the site will become better and have less bugs/ glitches. What did you guys use to program the site? Html or java? Mmmm… maybe both. Anyways I hope that one day, I learn to program and help the site in someway.

@OzzyHellBack - great to hear! We are doing our best to make the site working better :slight_smile: We use Python by the way :slight_smile:
“I hope that one day, I learn to program and help the site in someway” - sounds as a great goal! The next 90-day challenge? :wink:


If only java was a learnable language on lingq, I would start right away.