Problematic Activity Score

I note that the “Activity Score” happening “strange” things. For a full understanding of this controversial to state his case. 9/10/2009 showed my “Activity Score” circa 2200. Yesterday, 9/11/2009 circa 1900. Today 9/12/2009 is just another circa 1700. It is therefore a drop circa 500 points: in three days!

I each day beyond the day the objectives set for all measured items: except in the “Hours of Speaking.” Every day, every week, every month. Already three months consecutively. This means learning cirka 4-5 hours per day. This represents for me circa 50 points per day. This is to check on my “Progres Snapshot”. The loss of 500 points, therefore, means at least 10 days of my learning.

The obvious and only logical explanation is: the daily calculations for individuals intent “adjusted”. Who is in the interest is another question.
Written from the following: “Activity Score” and the reality does not stimulate members.

Hi, I see on your profile that you have created 1077 LingQ’s, learned 273 LingQ’s and written 318 words in the last month. The activity score is based on the activities in the last 30 days so it is nearly the same. Activity score is calculated as created LingQ’s plus learned LingQ’s plus written words (only submitted writings are counted!) plus 60 points for each conversation. 1077+273+318 is 1668 points and on your profile there are 1692 points. Every thing seems to be okay.

The activity points represent only the obviously done activities. Listening hours, reading hours, speaking times and written words can changed manually but this is not counted.

Most of the time is to “lost” a high number of points the result of a writing done 31 days before. If you wrote 500 words then 500 points get lost on the 31th day after the writing.

I know all this, and the system is motivating for me.

But the most motivating thing for me is to see my progress! Not the activity points are important. Important is my ability to converse in the foreign language and the number of known words. That is what motivates me.

Hi ToneN
In Help corner, you can find the following FAQ.
What is the Activity Score?
Why is my Activity Score decreasing?

As Vera wrote, you probably did some special activities (writing or speaking) on the 31, 32 days ago.
The activity score motivates us, but it often confuses us, becuase we don’t remember what we did over 30 days ago.

This question again…

As long as you’re doing the same things every day (save roughly the same number of LingQs, write the same number of words etc.), the activity score should be quite static. Mine has been, for quite some time now.

Different people focus on different indicators. I think the following indicators are important.

  1. Known words total.
    In fact we are going feature this more prominently. Regardless of the fact that 50,000 words in Russian equates to 10,000 words in English, and regardless of the fact that you may not know all your known words, it is the simplest measure of your knowledge level.
  2. Saved LingQs
    This is the simplest objective measure of your activity level.
  3. Fewer and fewer blue words in new texts.
    There are fewer and fewer words you do not know. This means that the language is becoming clearer.

These are all indicators that you can see and control by yourself, unlike the somewhat more mysterious activity index… However, the activity index has the advantage that it keeps you active. You cannot let go or you will fall back. Not a bad discipline.