Problem with words

When I have the sidebar open, sometimes when I click on a lingq (don´t think it happens with new words, but not sure), it shows the wrong word. And no matter what I do, it won’t show the right word. But this doesn’t happen when the sidebar is closed.

@chumnutzly - we are sorry about that. It is a known issue. It may be related to the specific way you move between words. It seems to happen when you switch too quickly between words and hints. Does it happen very often? Refreshing the page (Ctrl +F5) should help. We are still testing this and trying to figure our what exact behavior causes it.

Alright, i will try your suggestion. I didn’t realize it was a known issue. I have just recently come back here after more or less a long while away, and haven’t kept up on the bugs and whatnot here. When you get passed over for a job because your Spanish isn’t good enough, its a big push to come back and start working on improving it :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: At least, now you are sooo motivated! :slight_smile:

yeah. It does help that I moved to Paraguay and all of my wife’s family are native speakers. I talk with them all the time, and now I am almost fluent in spoken Spanish. But writing, that is a different story, lol.

Galina, I don’t know how often this problem is mentioned and how many threads there are about this issue, but more interesting would be to get a timeline when this annoying and distracting problem is solved.

@ galina

There may be a few bugs that lead to the LingQ information being wrong, but I have only noticed one. I descirbe it in detail, with a video included, on this thread

I have noticed that the LingQ information is wrong many times, and it has always been a result of this problem. If there are other errors that lead to the same results, I have not seen them.

@ColinJohnstone, that’s right. Changing the word status and moving back to that LingQ causes that issue in most cases. It is in our list. Meantime, refreshing the page helps. Hopefully, we will find a solution soon.