Problem with Words Being Added to "Known" Without My Doing

I am working on an article with around 900 Lingqs. About 600 were unknown. I absolutely did not click the option of moving remaining words to “known”. In fact I never use that feature.

I want my 600+ unknown words back to blue so I can efficiently work through these words and the article, do flash cards, later, work with the words as they come up in other lessons, etc. It’s important to me after having put all effort into the first third of the article, after a week of effort a little every day. And it just won’t work to try and redo. I don’t care at all about the statistics in this regard. It’s not about counting, it’s about a process that won’t take forever. It is very difficult to find unknown words and select them, because if you aren’t on a network with maximum speed, this process takes a long time, and sometimes Lingq doesn’t let you select any word you want.

Is there someone that can undo what was done here by the Lingq system



I guess strange things happen. I have never had this happen to me. Are there others who have?

At this point the only solution is to read through the text and highlight and save the words that you don’t know.

I notice that you have created almost 20,000 LingQs in the past 6 months, Excellent! I would imagine that you already know many of the ‘unknown’ words left in the passage through association with other words you have learned, so reading through and marking the truly unkown words should not take too long.

If this happens again please let us know, and let us know what actions caused it to happen.

Thanks Steve; but the problem is that it’s not easy to remark the new words when they are not in blue is what I find, especially when the speed of the wifi is not as good (here in southern Mexico, I don’t think the network is as fast generally to support fast routers). So trying to select a word or phrase can take literally minutes. For a longer piece, like this, the system seems to get bogged down quite a bit when trying to select text; while simply moving from blue to yellow seems to work ok.

In terms of how it happened, my cursor was no where near the bottom of the article, where the button is to throw all remaining words into the known category. Rather, I know for certain that the word that I was trying to turn from blue to red, as things were getting bogged down, was in the first third of the article (actually a chapter of a book), which is probably a good 10 pages in paper form.

I’m not going to go through all the details for why this is such a pain/disappointment to deal with, but suffice it to say it’s a meaningful obstacle to getting through what I had hoped, with a very specific piece that I had set my sights on working through, discussing with another in spanish, was difficult to find a spanish audio for, etc. I like the product (have really only be using it full on for about 3 months) but I guess the future impact is that it discourages me from chancing using the system for longer pieces, as there is obviously a chance that I will lose the ability to work through a large batch of words in an instant.

We have scratched our heads here and can’t figure out how this happened, nor what we can do to help you. Sorry.

@CTaylor - We just thought of a way that might work. You could try opening another account, creating the LingQs for that lesson that you need, then exporting those LingQs and importing them into your main account. If you need your LingQs limit lifted temporarily to do this, just let us know your new account name and we can do this for you.

Ok thanks Mark. I may try that and let you know if I need to lift the limit. I’m not facil with importing and exporting is my concern. Thanks. c